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Netflix and Chill


by Stewart Glen

Translated by Anna Liang

The English version is below. ⬇⬇


「To Chill」或是「chill out」 這是一個委婉的說法來請人放鬆。現在大家很常講的「Let’s Netflix and chill」 意思就是享受一個一起看電視、放鬆的夜晚,是個常見的約會用語。而在 Infinity Key 「 Netflix and chill」是一個幫助鍛練聽力的遊戲:是的,我們希望你用 Netflix (或是其他的來源,像是YouTube、TED Talk、撥客等);是的,我們也希望你可以放鬆,但是不是像你現在所想像的那樣,拿著一桶爆米花窩在沙發裡的那樣放鬆,我們希望你可以在情緒上放鬆。

🎬 無字幕 🎬 那為什麼你需要在情緒上放鬆呢? 是因為我們 要請你嘗試看20分鐘,如<六人行>、<老爸老媽的浪漫史>等的英文影集,但是 不 用 字 幕 !我們希望你用聽得盡你所能地理解。對,只透過你的耳朵。

當然你不可能 100% 看懂,事實上,我們希望你選擇(以自己的程度)理解力 50%以下的內容。接下來,非常有可能發生的事就是,你讓聽不懂的部分佔據你整個頭腦。因為你無法完全聽懂,你很有可能的會產生一種或多種負面的情緒反應:你可能會開始覺得無聊或是挫折、你可能會開始對自己生氣、你可能會開始嚴厲地批評自己、或最慘的是,你可能就直接按暫停,放棄這個遊戲了。

就是在這個時候,我們需要你放鬆。與其讓因為聽不懂所產生的負面情緒來掌控你,不如試著把焦點放在「好耶~這個我聽得懂!」上。 這只是一個聽力練習的遊戲而已,不是一個考試,你要教會自己『放鬆,繼續聽下去!』

🎬 遊戲內容 🎬

✔每天 20分鐘

✔選擇一個電視影集或是博客,內容應該是對你現在的英文程度有一些挑戰性的,建議程度:理解程度為 30% 到 80%之間。

✔持續地看 20分鐘。(不暫停也不倒退,從頭看到尾 。) 只專注在你懂的部分,聽不懂的就跳過。


如果你能每天養成習慣玩這個遊戲(就20分鐘而已 ),過不了多久,你就能夠放鬆你的情緒反應,自然而然地,你 就 能 夠 聽 懂 更 多 !



Chillax Dude.(放鬆吧!老兄)

Positive vs Negative Emotional Reactions To Not Understanding Naturally-Spoken English.

“To Chill” or “chill out” is a euphemism for relaxation. Normally when someone says, “Let’s Netflix and chill,” they are suggesting a relaxing evening of watching TV, usually with a date. Here at Infinity Key, it has a completely different meaning. Yes, we want you to use Netflix or other sources (Youtube, TED Talks, podcasts) and yes, we want you to “chill” but not in the way your are now imagining: deep into the couch with a big bowl of popcorn. No. We want you to emotionally chill.

🎬 No Subtitles 🎬

Now why would you need to chill out emotionally? Well, because we are going to ask you to try and watch 20 minutes of western TV (Friends, How I Met Your Mother, etc…) without subtitles. We are going to ask you to try and understand as much as you can by listening. Only by listening.

Of course, you won’t understand everything. In fact, we hope you choose a source in which you understand less than 50%. The chances are, the parts you don’t understand will tend to dominate your experience. Due to your inability to understand everything, you will likely have one, or several, negative emotional reactions to this exercise. You may start to get bored or frustrated. You may even get angry at yourself. You may judge yourself harshly and worst of all, you may give up trying.

This is where we suggest you “chill”. Instead of allowing your emotions to be controlled by what you aren’t understanding, try allowing the positivity of enjoying what you are understanding to shine through. This is just listening practice. It's not a test. Teach yourself to relax and keep listening.

🎬 The Game 🎬

✔Try this for 20 minutes everyday

✔Choose a TV show or podcast series that challenges your current English level. You should be able to understand more than 30% but not more than 80%.

✔Watch it continuously for 20 minutes. No stopping or backing up.

✔Only focus on what you understand and allow what you don't to simply flow past you.

✔ Log your XP.

If you can turn this into a ritual by doing this everyday (It’s only 20 minutes), before long you will have consciously relaxed your emotional reaction, and you will naturally begin to understand more.


What you don’t understand DOES NOT MATTER. It’s just practice.

Please let us know in the comments how this works out for you.

Chillax Dude.


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