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The Journey

Like life, learning a new language is a journey.

All journeys require a starting point and a destination, an itinerary and time to get there. Additionally, most journeys are met with obstacles, some minor and some so major, they threaten to destabilize the entire trip.

And, sometimes, we go down the wrong road. And get lost.


Where would you like to go today? Would you like to travel beyond English Tests, or is that far enough? Would you like to study in Canada or Australia? Do you want to use that overseas experience to get a good job? Do you have a good job, but want a better one? Or is your current job looking to promote from within based on your TOEIC score? All of these "places" are valid destinations and there are plenty of Tour Operators that promise to get you there (KoJen, Hess, Elite, Trinity). At Infinity Key, we only travel to one place: Fluency.

There is no place like it. Ahhhhh....Fluency....never a worry or a care.

Just imagine this: Stranger on a street in Taiwan: Excuse me. Do you speak English?

You: Why, yes I do. Can I help you?


At Infinity Key, we get you to Fluency and we get you there fast and in style. Our Personalized Training Programs move you swiftly from wherever you are stuck right now and promises to deliver you to Bilingual Beach faster than even you can imagine possible.

Starting Point

No matter what your level of English is, the one thing every English Language student in Taiwan has in common is that...well...they are in Taiwan. The "roads" out of here are plentiful: KoJen, Hess, Elite, name a few. But are they any different from each other? You see the same scenery on every road, the traffic is heavy, the costs add up the longer it takes you to reach your destination (and it takes a long time, right?), and most people travelling these roads give up when one of these or many other obstacles on these roads prove insurmountable. So after spending countless hours and massive resources on trying to reach your destination, you end up retreating back down that road.

Every day not moving forward is a day moving backward.

Accept this. Accept it now. If you have any hope of reaching your destination, you must keep putting one foot in front of the other. This is the 1st rule of Infinity Key. Our entire philosophy is predicated on this basic truth. More about that when we discuss "Itinerary".

We are open for business but our website is still under construction. There is a lot here and a lot to be done. But we really appreciate you visiting and would like to invite you to a free English (or Mandarin) Confidence Workshop.

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