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Raison D'etre: Why We Created Infinity Key: The Language Solution

Could have been me?

Welcome to Infinity Key: The Language Solution. 15 years ago, I came to Taiwan because I had heard I could get a well-paid job teaching English. I was frustrated with my career choice in Canada, but not because I lacked success. As a theatre artist, I was extremely productive and felt fulfilled artistically and creatively. I was just tired of being poor. So I came to Taiwan, like so many other westerners, to earn a decent living teaching English.

I was, of course, shocked by the culture of learning. It was so very different than what I had experienced in Canada. What I learned, almost immediately, was that the Taiwanese people made for great students, possibly the best in the world. The dedication to learning was amazing. The hours spent studying were astronomical by comparison. The longer I worked in the industry, the more impressed I was with the work ethic of my students.

But their English wasn’t improving. They laughed at each other’s attempts to communicate and far worse, they refused to ask questions. The “schools” I worked for trained the students to take tests, and seemed only concerned with that end. A little research into the results of these efforts proved that their methods were not working. And yet, students continued to shell out hard-earned money to these “schools”, blaming themselves for their lack of success.

I blamed the schools. They were obviously more concerned with the bottom line, with keeping the students enrolled for years on end, than they were with results.

Personally, I believe in fair play. I felt the schools were taking advantage of the students. I had fallen in love with Taiwan and I couldn’t, in good conscience, walk into my classroom day after day and help the schools perpetuate this con game.

Then, 10 years ago, I met Coach Anna.

Together, we began to examine Taiwan's culture in an attempt to figure out why things were as they are. In so doing, we discovered some basic truths that inhibited Taiwanese people from successfully making English a tool they could rely upon.

Through careful obviation, we have developed an extremely natural approach to learning languages.

We have shared this program with countless students (English and Mandarin) over the last ten years. No matter how far they took the training program, their lives were changed forever. Those that completed the full year of training are now confident users of English. Those that only participated for a month or two are better leaders and team players and have no fear of using English to whatever ability they have achieved.

We believe we have something very special to offer Taiwan.

We want nothing but success for our clients. We think that by sharing our enthusiasm for language and learning and by inspiring our clients to work smart instead of hard, we can contribute to the overall well-being of Taiwan and do our little part to continue the success story that she has become.

We have assisted thousands of adult Taiwanese and Foreign students gain the necessary language skills to be confident users of English (and Mandarin). Drawing on Coach Stew's extensive experience as a professional actor and director, and Coach Anna's extreme organizational skills and extensive cultural knowledge, we have crafted a unique training regimen that:

-Gets clients to overcome their fears of making mistakes and social pressure.

-Guides clients on a much more natural learning path.

-Motivates, challenges and inspires.

-Enhances Language and Business Skills simultaneously

-Fosters Leadership and Teamwork Development

By year's end, we will have you thinking in English and able to carry on conversations on any subject you wish. We are not teachers at Infinity Key. We are Coaches. It's a very different, very special, very empathetic approach to the "Teacher/Student" relationship. Welcome to Infinity Key. To know more about us, please read our bilingual blogs and sign up for an English Confidence WorkShop.

Let's change your life. Today.

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