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Empress (aka Michi Fu)

 Dec. 29th @ 2:00PM

Empress is an American of Taiwanese descent performing artist that incorporates a variety of mediums in order to create art. She enjoys honing her stage presence and the art of listening through improvisation, as demonstrated by being a founding member of FIG (Formosa Improv Group). As an artist who embraces the principle of radical self-expression, she also enjoys communicating through character development, cosplay and costuming. As a member of various musical ensembles, her favorite genre is jazz and she has experience leading drumming circles. As a dancer who has learned to integrate her body into performing arts pieces, she has studied various forms of movement, including tango and burlesque. As a producer, she creates experiences in order to provoke audience members to actively engage with social justice matters, including having participated in Q&A discussions to encourage ongoing conversations regarding contemporary social issues including immigration rights, police brutality, misogyny and other misuses of power and privilege. Empress frequently collaborates with other artists and theatre groups as a consultant (e.g., consultation with Artists at Play cast and crew for accurate portrayal of culture and mental health issues) and trainer (e.g., anti-sexual harassment workshop facilitator for 2018 Dickens Faire cast and crew of San Francisco). She has also published non-fictional and fictional works to illustrate themes of relationships, losses, and hope. It is her honor to be able to collaborate with the creative team of the Red Room on such an entertaining endeavor. She wishes to thank the organizers of the White Rabbit, Red Rabbit for the privilege of embodying the essence of Nassim Soleimanpour’s uncensored work during the opening of this production. May the audience be receptively immersed for this theatrical and social experiment as Empress embarks on this adventurous experience.  To wish Empress Success or to ask her a question, please click here.


John Brownlie

Dec. 29th @ 3:30PM

John Brownlie, a British expat, is excited to step into the unknown in White Rabbit/Red Rabbit. He started acting from an early age and was soon accepted into a high school performing arts program, where he continued to train and develop his skills. John became involved in his local theatre company where he stage managed East Lynne and Blithe Spirit, did sound for Dial M for Murder and Little Voice, and took to the stage in The Magistrate, Naked Justice, Our Day Out, and Much Ado About Nothing. He then attended Leeds University to continue his education in acting. There he devised, wrote, and performed in several productions over a variety of different genres and styles. Graduating with a BA in Acting he formed Daft Mattress, where he co-wrote, directed, performed and toured with several productions. In 2009 he left the UK and spent three years in South Korea before traveling around the world for a year with his girlfriend. In 2013 they arrived in Taiwan, he was a long standing member at the Lab Space, attending Brook Hall's acting classes, performing in Sylvia, Wait Until Dark, the Taipei 24 hour theatre festivals, male swing for The Diary of Anne Frank and most recently Tape.John will be a producing a showcase at the Red Room next spring, collaborating with local directors, writers and actors. Tickets and showtimes will be available soon on the Red Room website. To wish John success or to ask him a question, please click here.


Stewart Glen

Dec 29th @ 5:00PM

Stewart is not only a performer in this amazing event, he is the producer.  As Chief Visionary Officer of Infinity Key, he is thrilled that White Rabbit Red Rabbit will be the first of many live performance events his company plans to produce.  Stewart studied Drama at The University of Calgary and enjoyed 10 years of semi-professional theatre in Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and Whistler.  A Jessie Richardson-nominated Producer, Director and Actor, Stewart most-recently played the evil Mr. Roate in Brook Hall's production of Wait Until Dark. No stranger to one-person shows, Stewart has performed Eric Bogosian's Drinking in America and The Zen Of Gridlock by Leif Garrickson.  As a producer, Stewart staged the incredibly successful Way Off Broadway productions of Steven Berkoff's Kvetch and William Shakespeare's Othello in Vancouver and Victoria.  During the 90s, Stewart was seen numerous times in auditions for shows like The X-Files and The Outer Limits, but never landed that first role.  Stewart is thrilled to be donning his Producer hat again for this run of White Rabbit Red Rabbit and credits his return to the stage to Brook Hall. As a director, Stewart has helmed The Tomorrow Box for The Whistler Players and Romeo and Juliet for The ALTA, also Whistler-based. He has twice directed short plays in The Taipei 24-Hour Play Festival and can be seen all over your TV hawking all manner of goods from beer to ice cream.  To wish Stewart success or to ask him a question, please click here.


Brook Hall

Dec 29th @ 6:30PM

Brook arrived in Taiwan in 2001 for a “two-month stay” as a guest artist for a directing workshop at an international arts festival in Southern Taiwan. After performing in, directing, choreographing, and/or acting in over 80 shows in and around New York City and the regional and touring U.S. theatre circuit.  He quickly established himself and worked as a freelancer until 2008 with several Taiwnese producing organizations.  Highlights include touring to Moscow with Acme Physical Dance Theatre of Taichung and touring Taiwan with the hit Taiwanese Human Condition Series at Green Ray Theatre.  He also instituted musical theatre dance training and was instrumental in the early success of VM (Yao Yen) theatre, working on several of their productions.  In the South, he appeared in Tainan Ren’s BIG LOVE.  Event and concert producers brought Brook onboard for over 50 press conference, fashion show, and annual gala productions.  He also choreographed and danced in pop-star Tanya’s Asian tour. Brook produced his first show in Taipei, the hit Smokey Joe’s Cafe in 2008, quickly followed by Anything Goes at both the National Theatre and TICC. In between those two engagements, he directed the all-Taiwanese language Golden Banana History for the now-defunct Da Feng Theatre at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.  He registered his Butterfly Effect Theatre Co., with a production of Title of Show in 2012 and the month-long Mandarin Language premiere of the Rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Huashan Cultural Village. Seeing the difficulties of venue rental, he built THE LAB SPACE in S. Beitou in 2013.  As the artistic director he was responsible for producing and directing Lab shows, activities, and classes. In film, Brook was Assistant Director for the Hollywood feature Stand, filmed in Dec 2013 in Ping Xi, and he concieved and directed the opening musical scene for Taiwanese CGI movie of Magic Riders Search for Pangu. He has worked with Neil Patrick Harris, Jesse Tyler Fergusson, JK Simmons, Richard Linklater, Kevin Spacey, Ethan Hawke, Ang Lee, Luc Besson, and was one of Adam Driver’s Stand-ins on Martin Scorsese’s Silence feature film. As of fall 2018, Brook has relocated to Vienna, Austria where he serves on the acting and dance faculty of the newly opened Vienna English Theatre Academy-VETA, a 2-year conservatory program with performing arts students from all over the world.  He also serves as a consultant and instructor for POLY culture’s ShenYang (China) Musical theatre program.    To wish Brook success or to ask him a question, please click here.


Roma Mehta

Dec. 30th 2:00PM

Roma Mehta is originally from India. A graphic designer, an artist, and a committed community member, she has made Taiwan her home since 1987.She co-founded Sir Speedy Tienmu in 1996, in partnership with Athena Wang, specializing in creative design and print. Roma believes in promoting community building through art and culture and actively engages in art workshops and cultural events. She has supported and collaborated on community projects like Connections, and the Red Room. She serves on the board of the Red Room Association and helps with the coordination of events, marketing and publicity, and overall direction, since its inception in November 2009.As an artist, she has contributed to fundraising campaigns, such as The Xue Xue Adopt a Zodiac Program, The Wufong Project, Artists Break the Mold, BCCT Christmas Charity and the Community Services Center.Her work in India includes working on a nationwide philanthropic project called Daan Utsav as an ambassador and organiser. She also serves on the board of HandUp Congo, a non profit organisation that facilitates the delivery of capacity-building tools and education to marginalized communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). To wish Roma success or to ask her a question, please click here.


Paul Batt

Dec. 30th 3:30PM

Paul Batt, a long-time resident of Taichung, originally sprang from the Eastern United States. His mouth and other organs have been involved in voice work in one form or another for nearly three decades, appearing locally in numerous Red Room productions over the past several years. When not unleashing a voice “not unlike that of god’s” on captivated audiences, he talks at junior high school students. To wish Paul success or to ask him a question, please click here.


Charlie Storrar

Dec. 30th 5:00PM

Hailing from the UK, Charlie graduated from Brook Hall's Monday night acting class to appear in the Lab productions Ives' Shorts and The Bomb-itty of Errors. A long-time resident of Taipei, he has performed standup and improv comedy and currently plays bass with his rock band Fuzzy Wall. To wish Charlie success or to ask him a question, please click here.


Brandon Thompson

Dec. 30th @ 6:30PM

Brandon Thompson is an actor, host and vocalist with over 20 years experience onstage. A graduate of the Second City training program and former member of Bad Dog Improv theatre. Brandon is the frontman for one of the biggest bands on the island, Adoga ( He is a former member of Taipei Players who has been in over 15 different theatre productions on the island. To wish Brandon success or to ask him a question, please click here.


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