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Creative Thoughts

Prerequisite: UIW Family Edition

Ratio: 1 Coach per 12 Actors

Postponement Policy: None

Age: 13-18

Dates: July 10/11/12 9AM-Noon

            Aug. 14/15/16 9AM-Noon

Location: 75 BiTan Road, 3rd Floor

Capacity: 12

Cost: 6500NT

1. Drama Camp

Learning to present scripts is a great way to build English confidence.  Our Head Coach, Coach Stew, is an accomplished stage actor and director with more than 30 years experience on the stage.  We are proud to offer this very special package to 13-18 year old students that want to elevate their English to unimaginable heights.

Monologue and Scene Study

Script Analysis
Vocab Journaling

Rehearsal Technique

On Camera Presentations

Dates: July 10/11/12 2PM-5PM

            Aug. 14/15/16 2PM-5PM

Location: Zoom

Capacity: 12

Cost: 4500NT

2. Creative writing

Camp Participants will  learn and apply Infinity Key’s unique, step-by-step approach to more elegant writing.  Ideal training for writing tests, this amazing combination of techniques will also prepare teens for their lifetime of writing reports and emails.

From Thoughts to Scripts

Stream of Consciousness

Audible Editing

Elevating the Message
Scripting (Drama Camp pre-req)

Dates: July 10/11/12 9AM-5PM

            Aug. 14/15/16 9AM-5PM

Location: JBC

Capacity: 24

Cost: 10,000 per player

3. English Confidence Camp(1+2)

Explore the complete Infinity Key experience, combining our Passive Acquisition activities (Drama Camp) with our Active Application Experiences (Creative Writing Camp) give participants the complete set of tools needed to become ful-use English speakers.

Monologue and Scene Study


From Thoughts to Scripts

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