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Jessica Lange and Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie



I guess so. I don't remember her very well. I remember her helping me pick out this wallpaper. I'd chosen one with great big purple flowers on it, and she said to me, "Just remember that once you choose it, it's going to cover the walls of your room for a long, long time." So I tried to imagine what those big purple flowers were going to look like on all the walls of my room, every night when I was falling asleep and every morning when I was getting dressed. So I said to her, "Which one would you choose, Mama?" And she said, "The one with the daisies and the little rosebuds, because daisies are such homey flowers, and rosebuds are so cheerful and always waiting to bloom. SYNOPSIS

For women only.

A simple little script to help you make this XP part of your daily lives.


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