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The Deer Woman

Excerpt from The Straight Story by David Lynch



No, you can't help me. No one can help me. I've tried driving with my lights on. I've tried sounding my horn. I scream out the window. I roll the window down and bang on the side of the door, and play Public Enemy real loud. I have prayed to Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Christopher too. What the heck, I've tried everything a person can do. And still, every week, I plow into at least one deer. I have hit thirteen deer in the past seven weeks driving down this road mister. And I have to drive down this road, forty miles back and forth to work. I have to drive to work and I have to drive home. Where do they come from? He's dead. And I love deer.

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David Lynch is one of the most bizarre minds to ever get into movie making. From his grad school cult classic Eraserhead through his ground-breaking contribution to television history with Twin Peaks, David Lynch has never shied away from exposing the rawest of social nerves. The Straight Story is seemingly misplayed amongst his canon of films as Mr. Lynch gives us the sweet, deeply moving saga of George Straight. While travelling across state on his riding lawnmower to visit his dying brother, George encounters a distraught woman on the side of a lonely road. He stops to offer some assistance. What follows is a strange tale worthy of the best of David Lynch's bizarre roadside encounters.

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The Director Discusses The Movie

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