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選擇一篇適合你的劇本 Choosing The Perfect Rehearsal Script


by Stewart Glen

Translated by Anna Liang

The English version is below. ⬇⬇

上週我們讓你了解到如何可以聽自己說英文,同時不用擔心 凡任何文法的錯誤。藉由將耳朵帶入這個練習,能快速地加強你的語言技巧,同時可以幫助你培養英文的語感。當你的基礎越大,你能越迅速地偵測到自己的錯誤並修正。


這個練習不但可以加強你的文法基礎,同時可以增加你的單字量。我們的目標是要選擇一篇適合你程度的劇本。你不希望這個劇本太過簡單;相對的,你也不希望太超出你的舒適圈, 導致練習起來令人挫折。在 Infinity Key,我們幫助數百位學生找到適合他們的劇本,所以和大家分享一些我們的建議:

✔ 一篇理想劇本的長度從頭唸到尾約兩分鐘。

✔ 這劇本必須是由英文為母語的人的創作。

✔ 難易度:應該介於 5%-10%的新單字。如果小於 5%,就再找下一篇吧;如果大於 10%,可以留起來過幾個月再拿來用。

身為一個 Infinity Key 的玩家,你能進入我們資源豐富的劇本庫,內容包含電影、舞台劇到現代文學。我們也會協助你找到一個適合的劇本,適量地挑戰來幫助你持續進步。

當你挑選好屬於你的程度的劇本時,你必須百分之百的了解這個劇本。如果你沒有完全懂 劇本的意思,就『不能』開始練習。我們的教練會協助你辨識與認識,不論是新字、新的片語或是文化用語,確定你完全了解劇本的內容。






Choosing The Perfect Rehearsal Script

Last week, we showed you how you can actually begin hearing yourself speak English without worrying about making grammar mistakes. By engaging your ears in the process, you allow yourself to more rapidly expand your language base through which you can filter your expressed message. The broader this base becomes, the better your ability to detect errors will become.

This week, we are going to talk about choosing a sample script that is right for you. You may recall that we suggest choosing a new script each week so that you can develop an habit of rehearsing perfect English daily. While broadening your grammar foundation is the primary goal of rehearsing a script every day, this exercise can also include an increased vocabulary component. Choosing a script that contains a good cross-section of new words is the ideal you should aim for. You don’t want a script that is too easy, and yet, you also don’t want to stray so far outside your comfort zone that the task becomes frustrating. At Infinity Key, we have helped hundreds of students find a script that is right for them as individuals. We offer the following suggestions:

  • An ideal script should take about 2 minutes to read from beginning to end.

  • It must have been written by a native speaker.

  • It should be written by a screenwriter or a playwright rather than a journalist, or worse, an English teacher. Choosing a script from the pen of the former allows you to rehearse as people actually speak.

  • It should have some interest or connection to your own journey in life. That can be as simple as choosing a sample from a movie or TV show that you like.

  • It should contain between 5% and 10% new vocabulary. If it contains less, discard it and continue searching for something a little more challenging. If it contains more than 10%, save it for a few weeks or months and revisit it later in your journey.

As a player of The Infinity Key Challenge, you will have access to a fantastic resource.

We have collected a number of speeches used in movies, plays and literature. As players of our game, we match you with a script that is just outside your vocabulary and grammar comfort zones.

Once you have found a script that meets the parameters set out in the above paragraphs, you now must set out to gain 100% understanding of the script. Rehearsal cannot begin until you are sure of the entire meaning of the chosen text. Working together, we will identify the words, idioms and cultural references that you don’t understand and make sure that you do.

Then we will coach you how to most effectively rehearse your script throughout the week. We do so by inserting regular rehearsal time into your schedule. It is then up to you to stick to this schedule, to make it part of your daily ritual.

You won’t just be introduced to these new words/phrases/idioms and cultural references and told to memorize them either. We will not test you on them. But you will remember them for the rest of your life, because you will be using them every day. Remembered, not memorized. When you next meet with your Coach, you will present the fruits of your labours and your Coach will give you feedback that enhances your presentation skills. If you can manage a very reasonable pace of rehearsing this script each day for 2x10 minutes (approx), for 12 weeks (approx), you are ready to advance to the next level of the game. By year’s end, your foundation of grammar and vocabulary will be far beyond anything you can imagine.

You will be amazed at how fast your comfort zone expands. Yes Coach?

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