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1. 歡迎來到無圍訓練系統 Welcome to Infinity Key


by Stewart Glen

Translated by Anna Liang

The English version is below. ⬇⬇



身為專職的語言信心教練,我們的任務是要認清客戶們所面對的問題,並提出解決方案。 針對幾個我們的客戶常見的主要問題,我們創造了一些關鍵方法來幫助解決,甚至預防這些阻擋成功的問題。

因為這不是一個單一的問題,所以沒有一個簡單的答案。 如果你的目標是「精通英文」, 有幾個重要因素是不可忽視的。

經過12年的研究旅程,我們精心創造出一個非成熟精密的方法來『教英文』。 我們相信,我們所研發出來的 方法是通往「精通英文」的捷徑。

我們創造出一個新穎、全方位提升語言能力的系統,來破壞台灣人一直以來學習英文的方法。 首先我們從移除台灣人在學習英文時所有的負面情緒開始,接著提供一個永續的替代方案來提升你的英文信心力。


然而,我們持續地接受不同的挑戰,因為我們已經看到了一個真相,也知道如果能夠成功地與你分享這個真相 ------ 180度英文學習的思維轉換、學習的進化,你就終於能在學習英文的旅途上看到出口。








再次,十分感謝你們對我們的這個熱情計畫感到興趣,有任何的想法或問題歡迎在部落格下方留言。如果你相信我們所相信的,歡迎你與親朋好友們分享 無圍語言訓練系統

( Anna Liang 譯 )


Welcome to Infinity Key

Starting With “The Why”

As dedicated Language Confidence Coaches, it is our mission to identify and resolve the problems our clients face. We have anticipated several common hurdles and created the means through which our clients may resolve and ultimately prevent these problems from stifling success.

There is no one simple answer, just as there isn’t a single problem. Several factors need to be addressed if excellence in English is the goal.

Our 12 year journey has resulted in an extremely sophisticated approach to “teaching English.” What we have evolved into is, perhaps, the straightest line to English excellence.

We have created an innovative, comprehensive system that disrupts the way Taiwanese learn English. We begin by doing away with all the negative associations most Taiwanese feel towards learning English and offer a more-than-viable alternative to English Confidence. Being a disruptor isn’t easy. Disruptors need to swim against the current of tradition and in Taiwan’s educational culture, ideas are so fully ingrained in her national psyche, that it takes a Herculean effort to deprogramme each citizen. And yet, we continue to rise to the challenge, because we’ve seen a truth and know that if we can successfully share this truth, this complete paradigm shift in English acquisition, this evolution of learning, with you, then you can finally see an exit strategy from English. Welcome to Infinity Key. We can give you the keys to open infinite experiential resources, and match you with professional coaches that will open even deeper experiences that further hasten your journey to Fluency.

We invite you to learn more about us through our Blog. Reading them will give you incredible insight into how languages are optimally learned.

The Unlocking Infinity Workshop is our Introduction/Demo that will get you actually using the exercises we’ve created. Come on in and allow us to explain, in great detail, how we hope to change your life.

We’ve put a lot of effort into trying to share our principles with you, so we cannot express how grateful we are to you for taking the time to read our thoughts. We hope that the suggestions contained in our Blogs can help you get the English monkey off your back once and for all.

Good luck.

Please join one of our Unlocking Infinity Workshop to get you started on this amazingly easy path to English Confidence. Again, we want to thank you for showing an interest in our passion project. Please feel free to comment on our blogs with your own thoughts and questions. We also welcome the sharing of our company on your social media. If you believe what we believe, please share.

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