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Infinity Workshop

- Family Edition         

Father and daughter at computer

家庭試聽 在無圍語言訓練系統 我們希望能幫助你越快不需要我們

The only difference between this workshop and the standard edition is that this is mostly for parents. We want to give your family a 100% experiential learning platform. A set of comprehensive environments that streamline the learning process, coupled with an Infinity Key Confidence Coach, guarantee an end to all your English nightmares, effectively, efficiently and economically.

Parents are a key element of a child’s success (or failure) with English. IK cannot successfully create confident bilingual kids if the parents are not fully aware of and engaged in the training principles of Infinity Key.  In short, Mom and Dad, you need to play the game too. The good news is, you’ll also be able to expel all your English demons. We are sorry we have to be so insistent on this prerequisite of parental inclusion, but Taiwanese parents can be a serious detriment to English success and if you don’t completely support our methodology, psychology and overall approach to language learning, this system may not be right for you.

It’s a Deal Breaker.  So, if after reading that, you are still interested in learning more about The Infinity Key, please register for a group Unlocking Infinity Workshop (UIW).


Dates: (Public) Mondays and Tuesdays, 7-10PM

(Private) At Your Convenience

Location: Zoom

Game Pledges: 2 weeks
Prerequisite: Registration
Ratio:   Public:Open (Broadcast on Zoom/FB Live)

Private: 1 on 1 Family

Capacity: 12 Players

Coach Corners: 2x3 Hours/week

Postponement Policy: none

Age: 13 and up
Cost: 1000NT (Public), 5000NT+1000NT per player (Private)

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