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Your Story

  • You want a place to practice English but realize that Engish "safe zones" are very difficult to find in Taiwan.

  • You understand that "the key" to English Confidence is EXPERIENCE, not memorizing endless vocab lists and grammar rules. 

  • For some of you, even the thought of using English outside of a "classroom" fills you with fear.

  • You are also a very busy person. Committing the time to master a new language seems impossible.

    And still want to speak English.


Our Story

​It's simple. We set out to solve all of the above "problems" by creating personalized solutions for all 2nd language learners. Whether you wish to finally get the burden of "learning" English off your back once and for all, or just seeking out unique and fun opportunities to use English in a comfortable environment, The Infinity Key has answers to all your language needs.

  • 100% Micro and Macro Experiential Platforms

  • Online Coaching Support

  • Training Time Management Algorithms

  • Confidence

    Don't be turned away just because you aren't an "actor". Yes, we do run a theatre company as part of our Macro Experiences Programming, but no one is asking you to become an actor. The way actors train to play their parts is identical to how you should train to conquer English. We have broken down all the experiences you will need to become a confident, professional user of English into a series of simple exercises. We begin with what we call, Rehearsals.

    Send us your email and earn your first Key. 


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